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Meet my English Lop Bucks

Thomas' Otto (DT418)
Ears: 26.5" x 6"
DOB: December 28, 2005
Crawford's X x Thomas' DT219
I named Otto after the Syracuse University mascot because I got him at the 2006 Lop Nationals in Syracuse New York from David Thomas. He did very well; taking 1st of 23 and doing the same in Show B the next day. He took BOSB at the Lop Specialty in Stockton on May 6, 2006. Go Orange!!!
1 leg

Crawford's Jailbait (DSM3)


Ears: 22.5" x 5"

DOB: December 20, 2004

Crawford's Sam x Crawford's D

Jailbait has a great solid body and good shoulders but his ears are a little short.

Trina's Oreo (KSEW5)
Ears: 25" x 5"
DOB: July 23, 2004
Dara's Ewan x Trina's Kessie
I won Oreo in a raffle and he has done very well on the table. He's a big boy now!
4 legs

Amy's Lops  Rabbitry is located in northern California.