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Amy's Lops

My Other Babies!!!

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Heather the St. Bernard

saint bernard 003.jpg

I just got a new Saint Bernard! She was born on the 4th of July!!! She is such a good puppy; I love her to death. Compared to other puppies, she's really calm, but according to my dad she's a monster. She hasn't ruined much.

Heather as she takes a nap in her new favorite spot at 10 weeks old.

Periwinkle the Long-Haired Dachshund

Sheba the Chow-Chow X

Sheba is a 13 year old Chow-Chow. She is a little older than me! She is a wonderful dog. She does pretty much as she pleases and hates being brushed (terrible for a dog like her). You can tell that she's showing signs of being old: losing sight and hearing. But she is still really sweet.

Tahoe the mutt

Tahoe is about 8 years old. Our other dog Sheba brought him home when he was a puppy. We think he came from down the street. He always wants to please and is very obedient. (He doesn't like little kids though.)

Sunny the Cat

Sunny is about 9 years old. I've had her since she was born and since I was 4. She's an outside cat that sleeps in my room every night. She loves everyone except my mom and the only animal she sometimes likes is Periwinkle. She hates dogs, cats, and anything else that won't hold her and pet her. (Spoiled brat!!!)

Amy's Lops  Rabbitry is located in northern California.