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Amy's Lops

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Welcome to Amy's Lops Rabbitry!
I raise English Lops and French Lops in my barn. I just turned 13 on September 2 and I am in eighth grade. I live in Santa Rosa (about an hour north of San Francisco, CA).  I've been showing rabbits since I was 9 and I love my rabbits!
I also love playing volleyball for my school, for Empire Volleyball Club and (sometimes) with my mom!

2007 - 2008 Youth Sweepstakes
# 3 Youth English Lop Exhibitor
# 12 Youth French Lop Exhibitor

2007-2008 Youth English Lop Top Lops

# 23 Amy's Rosebud (AS ROSEBUD)

# 37 Amy's Chad (AS STICK TO THE QUO)

# 45 Amy's Mozart (AS MOZART)

# 58 Amy's Petunia (AS PETUNIA)

# 71 Amy's Daisy (AS DAISY)

2007 - 2008 Youth French Lop Top Lops

# 22 Amy's Pegasus (AS PEGASUS)

#43/56 Amy's Bell (AS BELL)

#61 LOJ Mississippi Boy (MEMISSISSIPPIBOY)

#69 Amy's Treasure (AS TREASURE)

#97 Amy's Olympia (AS OLYMPIA)


2007 LRCA Youth of the Year (Zone 11)
2006 - 2007 Youth French Lop Top Lops

#  8 Amy's Lavender (AS SMELLS GOOD) - 11 legs


2006 Lop National in Syracuse, New York


Tami's Lady (TS) took Best in Show!!!
You can e-mail me at:

Amy's Lops  Rabbitry is located in northern California.